Wednesday, 27 April 2011

May Day, May Day!

Well, blink and you'll have missed the 3 days between the last event over the Easter weekend and this coming May bank holiday weekend of cooking...what you won't have missed is the blanket coverage of the impending Royal extra holiday added for you...and an extra day of work for us, making this another 4 day event.

The Palace, as I mentioned in an earlier update, has the theme of love and romance in order to tie into the wedding theme du jour and we'll probably be talking that up a treat....the food however is less theme related and continues our look into the Harl. M.S. 5401 as it's quite interesting and something we've not done before.
The dishes cooked will be different each day and apart from the usual roasted fare should include, amongst others:

potage of rice, potage of prunes, blawnk de sure, ryse of lumbard, doth, resalsike, gelis of mylk, fruays and a couple of versions of roast mylk again...fingers crossed it's less of a dismal failure this time compared to last!

There are 4 or 5 dishes (plus a roast) planned to be available for us to cook each day, but that's a maximum...if we get busy and get talking, then I would expect to see that number become much smaller...still, talking is what we're paid to do!!
Most of the new recipes (well, new for us to try at least) are sweet dishes, so the savoury fare will be supplied by some of the tried and tested favourites such as fyllets en galentyne, which will be part roasted on Friday for the dish to be cooked on Saturday....fingers crossed that Jamie the fire warder isn't working that day as it's his favourite and there'd be very little left for the rest of us if he got near it ;o)

Friday could be an interesting day...who knows how many, if any visitors we'll see...will it be like a cold wet December day for numbers? Who knows, though it's a safe bet that our core demographic (Royalist history buffs) will be thinner on the ground than usual...I do know that there is a French school party booked in for the morning, not sure how interested they are going to be in us though.
As for the rest of the weeken, the jury is still out....could be busy, could be quiet, only time will tell now. The plan is to keep you all up to speed as we it was last weekend, but that all depends on mobile signal etc. etc. (which was distinctly lacking on Sunday and Monday) well as time and energy...I really can't believe how exhausting last weekend was and 3 days hasn't been long enough to recover either.


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