Saturday, 23 April 2011

Good Grief It's Good Friday.

Blimey, what a day that was!

Glorious weather and a shut Windsor castle certainly brought in the crowds, no ideas as to the numbers, but the kitchen was full for most of the day, as was the rest of the building.....and the line from Zulu goes, "there's thousands of them!" and there certainly were.

It was good to see forum member and librarian about town Johnna visit us for the day having travelled over from the States to attend the Leeds food symposium...I think she had a good day, but we'll have to wait for a full report I guess.

No real news from the shop floor to mention, food was cooked, visitors engaged and entertained....job done. Same menu again tomorrow, just a bit of work to do on the timings and we should be there....lots of thoughts and ideas have already been added to the proverbial pot to work on towards Christmas, so the weekend is already doing what it was planned to...and that was only day one!

Off for some sleep now, TTFN

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