Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Upcoming Easter Eating.

As promised, here is the plan for this coming weekends escapades:

Easter menu's Easter and we're back to the wonderful world of fish and lent for 2 days......providing all the ingredients arrive.......still not had confirmation from one of our new suppliers which makes me a teensy bit nervous, still tomorrow will tell what happens and I'm sure that we're all man enough to cope with whatever is sent our way!

A few new (for us anyway) recipes for the first 2 days, then back to the usual meat feast for the last two.....which will also finish up all that we have in store in the freezer. Hopefully we'll also be able to sort out the next weekends cookery in the evenings as well as it's not too far away and I've got all the usual end of year paperwork to fit in between then and now as well.

Fingers crossed that we'll be able to post some pictures and if I remember that the camera is able to take video, some of that too over the weekend as well as the usual inane blabber.


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Doc said...

Sounds fantastic, and I love seeing the menu switch from meatless to meat on Easter. Please please please take lots of pictures!