Friday, 21 March 2008

Fishy Fingers!!

Rammed to the gunwales is what we were today......absolutely rammed with visitors!! Well it turns out that because of the French president visiting HM the Queen at Windsor, it was shut to visitors (and will be all weekend) so we got all the coach tours that would normally have gone there......wall to wall non-English speaking students for the first few hours.

What did we do today? Lots of fish....roasting a turbot, crab and salmon stew and eel.........which was interesting shall we say!?!

The recipe was this one
¶Blanche porrey.
¶Take blanche almondes, And grinde hem, and drawe hem with sugur water thorg a streynour into a good stuff mylke into a potte; and þen take þe white of lekes, and hew hem small, and grynde hem in a morter wit brede; and þen cast al to þe mylke into þe potte, and caste þerto sugur and salt, and lete boyle; And set feyre poudrid eles in faire water ynowe, and broile hem on a gredren; and kut hem in faire longe peces, and ley two or thre in a diss togidre as ye do veneson with ffurmenty, And serue it forthe.

all seemed to go well, but we did botch the sauce due to not reading the recipe and too much talking to the public, so we forgot to grind the leeks up (oops!!), not that it mattered too much from my messes point of view as the finished dish tasted bloody awful..........just like eating mildew!?!?! The other mess reckoned that it tasted fine, so could have been our bowl, but even so a dismal failure taste wise as far as I was concerned.

The rest of the dishes? Let's just say I'll be glad when Sunday is here and we can go back to a meat based lifestyle.

A few pictures up at Flickr today, so pop over and take a look.

I did take some video of the turbot on the spit, hopefully I'll edit it and post that up tomorrow, but who knows. Just to reassure Doc that we are certainly taking lots of pictures and when we finish I'll sort through Roberts superior pictures and put those up for you all to see, until then you'll have to make do with mine I'm afraid.

Just a final note to say that regular viewer and commenter Elise has made it over for her annual visit to see the kitchens, camera and notebook in hand. I look forward to hearing what she thought of the weekend when we all finish.


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