Friday, 28 March 2008

Another Lesson Learned.......

A brief post today to let you know that I've just uploaded some of Roberts pictures from last weekend for you to see, like this one here:

almond skins

Having looked through all of the first 2 days images there are some absolute corkers, especially the nighttime shots like this one:

dramatic night sky

The problem is/was.......DUST......yep, Robert forgot about getting dust on the sensor whilst changing lenses, made worse by the long exposure times, giving rise to some interesting U.F.O.'s in some of the shots! Given the time I'll see what I can do with Photoshop to get rid of the black spots in the middle of the pictures.
Still the lesson was learned and the next couple of days shots look to be dust free....which you'll see in good time.

As I say, just a brief post, more later I hope.

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