Tuesday, 4 March 2008

It's Always The Way......

.....with these weekends, loads and loads planned, lots of reasons to take loads of pictures and do we? Do we hell!!
I've just uploaded the best of the pictures to Flickr, admittedly there are a number of others that are good quality, but to be honest they don't tell much of a story.......well not until Robert writes up all that he did this weekend with his bread making experimenting, so until then these sparse few will have to suffice I'm afraid.

The weekend was a great learning experience in terms of how to do these 'non kitchen' kitchen events, hopefully the next one that we do in 'whites' will have a lot of improvements that we learned from these two days.

One of the biggest questions of the weekend was to do with this recipe:

¶Tartes of Frute in lente.
¶Take Fygys & sethe hem wyl tyl þey ben neyssche; þan bray hem in a morter, & a pece of Milwel þer-with; take ham vppe & caste roysonys of coraunce þer-to; þan take Almaundys & Dates y-schred þer-to; þan take pouder of Pepir & meng with-al; þen putte it on þin cofynne, & Safroun þin cofynn a-boue, & opyn hem a-bowte þe myddel; & ouer-cast þe openyng vppon þe lede, & bake hym a lytel, & serue forth.

Specifically the bit at the end & opyn hem a-bowte þe myddel; & ouer-cast þe openyng vppon þe lede

I kind of left Robin to it, although did put my ideas to him and we ended up with a pie that looked like this

Tartes of frute in lente

Not sure if that's right or not although it's what I saw when I read the recipe to myself......though I'm not sure now!?!

Any thoughts?

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