Tuesday, 10 July 2007

To Tide You Over....

for the next day or so and for those of you that can't visit Hampton Court in person.........yet another panorama, hastily compiled I might add, this time of Clock Court.

Hopefully I'll be able to carry on taking these panoramas from all around the Palace to give all of you that can't get to see us in person an idea of the wonderful building in which we get to work.

If I can, I'll also try to take some from 'behind the scenes' so to speak, to let you see some of the areas not normally open to the public.......but no promises though!
As mentioned before, these panoramas are hosted on a site with a limited bandwidth........put simply, if they disappear in the future from their posts it's because they were too popular and the number of views proved too great for the host site. If that should happen then I'll have to look into getting some paid for web space, but hopefully (says the skinflint!) that will be a way into the future.

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