Friday, 13 July 2007

Oh What The Hell!!

I've just sent a batch of pictures to flikr for you to see (from the sublime to the ridiculous eh? last week you couldn't get me to post, now you can't stop me!!)

Just to clear things up a little, this is the Brawn in Comfyte recipe that Robin was playing with.

¶Brawn in comfyte.

¶Take Freyssc Brawn & sethe yt y-now, & pare it & grynde it in a mortere, & temper it with Almand mylke, & draw it þorw a straynoure in-to a potte, & caste þer-to Sugre y-now, & powder of Clowys, & let boyle; þen take floure of Canelle, & pouder of Gyngere; & þen take it out of þe potte, an putte it in a lynen cloþe & presse it, but lat it boyle so longe in þe potte tylle it be alle þikke; þan take it vppe & presse it on a cloþe, & þen leche it fayre with a knyff, but not to þinne; & þan if þou wolt, þou myht take þe Rybbys of þe bore al bare, & chete hem enlongys þorw þe lechys, an so serue forth a leche or to in euery dysshe.

His main 'thrust' was in trying two batches of the recipe, one with a very lean batch of meat and one with a deal of the fat and connective tissue left in it. In the past when this recipe has failed, it seems that too much of the gelatin producing parts of the meat were removed leaving us with a product that wouldn't hold together to be sliced and tasted very dry. Leaving the fat and so on in produced a 'winning' product, as we'd suspected when we tried this last we have had the time to show that this is the case and more importantly to compare the two variations side by side........exactly the point of the whole weekends, YAY, we're not slackers!!

By the I the only one to be reminded of images of Walrus colonies when I see this photo?

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Helen said...

Just thought I'd add a little humour. Looking at the photos of the pulled sugar, I was thinking (yes, it does happen!) If you got Adrian and Dave to mould H, C and P, you could then incorporate it within the pulled sugar........ just like rock. (Don't you just want to hit me?)

It's great to see so much info posted. Thank you.

Did Robin use pork for the Brawn? Must give that a try, but I doubt that I'll try the rib bones.

At a quick glance,your "walrus" photo reminds me of a load of newly hatched baby birds lying flat in their nest.

And - no-one could ever consider you slackers. You all bust your guts the whole time you are there; and not just when the Palace is open, but beforehand and after it closes.

See you soon.