Monday, 9 July 2007

This Weekend It Was All Jaw Jaw Jaw!

and no I'm not referring to all the talking that we did......and boy did we talk. The 'new boy' awoke on Sunday morning looking like he was doing the worlds best Popeye impression...

He'd turned up on Friday with a bit of mild toothache, which by Sunday had developed into a bit of a swelling. We tried to cure it..

but he still kept talking!!! Seriously though, the bandage did help apparently and a course of antibiotics looks like it should get to the root of the problem (that's not just us guessing, he did see a doctor about it in case you were wondering)

So what did the weekend bring? see for yourselves as I've popped a few pictures up over at the Flikr site; I've a few left to post later in the week and when Robert gets back from a few days away I'm sure that we'll get some more for you all to see.
I can't say if we were busy or not as the mornings were like the proverbial grave with the afternoons extremely busy, no doubt all to do with the flower show which plays havoc with the traffic for miles around (as any large popular event would)
People stayed and chatted for quite a while and seemed genuinely interested in the work that we were/are doing; the fact that Robert was in modern whites taking photographs and temperatures didn't worry people and they could see the value in taking the measurements that we did.

What did we learn? Quite a bit I think, but we won't know for certain what exactly we've got until Robert and I can compile the numbers that we've got into meaningful data. I can though tell you that 1 imperial gallon of water in a 1 gallon capacity pot will boil in just a shade over 20 minutes with the fire at an average of 650 degrees centigrade. 1 gallon in a 2 gallon pot boils in half that time....not a great surprise given the greater surface area though. More interesting is the fact that placed away from the heat to cool, the 1 gallon pot was still at 97 degrees centigrade 5 minutes later, although the water 'looked' just like warm bath water.
This might not seem too interesting, but I think it could have implications as to how certain dishes could be cooked in future experiments.


Helen said...

Jorge was very trusting, letting you guys loose on him. I was expecting to see a photo of some string attached to the ring on a door!!!

Seriously Jorge, when you read this, I hope that the antibiotics have worked and things are settling down.

Did you do any comparison dishes using different meats? I've tried Egredounce with lamb and wild boar. Liked them both. Does make a difference chopping the herbs by hand. OK, so I tried a cheat and used the food processor, but they come out much better by hand. Worth the effort. And a buknade of chicken and one of veal are both equally tasty.

Looking forward to Robert's first words.

Keep those posts coming!


Jorgek said...

Ha, the boys were all evil, careless and left e to wallow in misery.

The truth is they were great, from loans of painkillers (Mark and Rob) to specially prepared fry ups for those who couldn't chew properly (thanks Robn, a very kind gesture).

It was nightmare, but allowed me the opportunity to go to the hospital twice in full kit, they were not sure what to look at, my extra head or the large protrusion from my apron.

On the work side Rich was mr Sugar Boiler par excellence. We weere trying to get the boiled sugar right for variosu future sugar work projects. We also played with food colourants, edible and not so eduble, with success - my special province actually helped out for a change. I had rich going on about PH values like he actually understood what was said (har har).

I now look forward to making some things and wowing everyone, or at least me.

Hi helen, I hope you two are well after the 'holiday'. Look forward to seeing you in due course.

Tudor Cook said...

"going on about PH values like he actually understood what was said (har har)."

Cheeky monkey......get back to your spinach!

Helen said...

Hi Jorge

Normally over a weekend there's skeleton staff on duty, even in A&E, but I don't doubt there was a sudden influx of nurses taking up overtime opportunities!!!

I'm sorry we missed all the sugar working, but hopefully the fruits of those labours will produce some great results at the beginning and end of August. Can't wait.

Because I can't stand for very long at the moment (plastered for the last 3 1/2 weeks), I've not been able to turn my hand to any Tudor dishes, apart from some buttyrd worts. But I do feel some Froyte de almonds coming on tomorrow. I miss the lovely flavours.

By the way, Richard, what's a PH value? (Now who's being cheeky?)

I keep thinking about shrimp loaves (even though they're not Tudor) and must have a go.

Well, looking forward to first Aug weekend (should be unplastered I hope - it's my leg by the way)

Pretty please - will you post the dishes you plan to do.

See you all soon