Monday, 30 July 2007

Didn't They Do Well?

yes, yes I's been ages! No real reason, a touch of the malaise I suppose and the hoped for posting from Robert that never just can't get the staff can you?! Hopefully that will be sorted soon - technical troubles I believe, or possibly the malaise is catching? Who knows!

So, the cookery did it go? Pretty well I think, not quite as smooth from our point of view as the first one, but not bad none the less.

the first four pictures are making and cooking spinach fritters and the last three are making Jombils - as it happens, probably the nicest end result I've seen for quite some while!

Apart from the edible end results, nothing else of note to mention from the day I don't think.

This Weekend:

What's planned asked and I did say that as soon as i know, you'll know, so here it is.

I thought that the stuff we did for July worked really well......and allowed us to start adding some more 'hard data' to the piles of research; it also seemed to go down well with the visitors, so, not withstanding my rambling thoughts after the last event (are we slackers??) we're going to do it all again and this time hopefully we'll get round to cooking a few more recipes, especially some of the comparisons we want to try.
For those of you who have already bought the book (shameless plug!) we aim to be trying to cook:

hagas de Almayne
egredouncye, trying with beef and pork
long fretoure
and sardeyne

as well as a few more 'number gathering' experiments, some chopping and mincing tests and some basic bread making.

this last thing has come rather to the fore as our baker has unfortunately gone into liquidation leaving us with no bread supply! Making our own can really only be seen as a very limited stopgap measure as it really is a job than needs quite a degree of skill and will take up quite a large amount of a working day! The upside is that I think it should now force us to take a fresh look at the bread that we use, recipes and references etc.
As of now..........the search for a new baker begins.

For those without the book, a bit more info' on the recipes as and when I can post pictures after the event.

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