Monday, 1 November 2010

Guest Zone Q & A

Have now added a new area to the forum that allows you to post questions, comments or queries without having to be a full signed up member.....ideal for those of you that might not want to take the plunge just yet in terms of signing up...or for people who just want to ask the one question!

That area has some additional rules and notes which are specified in the sticky at the top of the board, please read it before posting.

That's it for now, some news about the last event and plans for the next soon.


Anonymous said...

So what does "Vyaund de ciprys Ryalle" mean? I know it is a chicken dish made for Henry VIII. Ryalle I understand means royal.

Tudor Cook said...

why don't you test out the new board and ask there ;o)

Anonymous said...

I thought I was asking on the new board. Thanks anyway.

Tudor Cook said...

no that would be here>>>

you are much more likely to get a speedier reply via the forum than here on the blog as more people can reply there than here.
Apologies if that wasn't made clear.

As it happens, it probably means royal meat/food/dish of Cyprus (probably referring to the sugar used)

Hope that helps.