Saturday, 6 November 2010

Remember Remeber....

...the 5th of November, it's the set up day for another weekend of cookery at Hampton Court Palace!
As you may have seen on the forum, this event could well be subtitled "operation use up the freezer contents" as that's pretty much the order of the weekend...clearing some space up ready for the Christmas event as well as the much needed stock could be a shock what's buried in the depths of the perma frost!!

There's not a massively complex weekend of cooking planned, although it does all work towards the Christmas event too, with timing tests as well as some planning attempts for some of the dish presentations as well to be worked on, so all in all enough to keep us busy, especially given the shorter working day now that we've moved to the winter opening hours.
I should be taking photos and generally recording stuff tomorrow (Saturday) so should be able to keep you updated through the day assuming the technology holds up, Sunday less so as Robert and I change places.

Other news, Ross rejoins us after a summer away and is ever keen to crack on with the job...especially as he's not tried roasting rib joint of beef before, so is keen to see how it differs from the way thick flank/knuckle went....he's got a bit of catching up to do in that respect, but it'll be interesting to hear his thoughts on the matter.

Bit of a late night tonight, much later than planned as it happens, so it's away for some shut eye now, then back to it tomorrow.


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Anonymous said...

Included a box of chocolate cornetto, as I recall.

Rebecca x