Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Player Problem Solved!


The problem with viewing videos should now be a thing of the past (although you may need to clear your browser cache to make sure)
It was a 'problem' with permissions....basically unless you have signed up as a Gallery member, you didn't have permission to see the video...oops!

So rather than attempt to force you all to join up, which is never going to happen, I've changed the permissions for the video album so that anyone can view the videos.

Hopefully that'll sort the trouble out....just click on the thumbnail in the original post below to go to the video in the Gallery, then click on the play button to see the video in action. Any problems then please sing out!
another big thanks to Elise for letting me know that it wasn't working for you all....without being told about problems I can't fix 'em, so thanks again.

More video to come later on....


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