Saturday, 3 April 2010

Windsor 0 - Hampton Court 1

Crisis dealt with so back to business I suppose!

Good grief it was busy yesterday and pretty much the same again today...all due, so we were told, to Windsor Castle being shut, which means that all the coach parties that would have gone there came to see us instead....and blimey there were lots of them! We haven't been given the exact numbers but I'd guess it was close to 2000 or so, if not more...if I find out I'll let you know.
Roast turbot, poached gurnard, perre, chese tart, wardons in syryp and lyode soppes formed the menu on the table at 4.00 and to be honest there were absolutely no problems at all....everything made the table and it all tasted pretty good...shame I'm no great fan of fish though.
That as they say, is just about it for what happened yesterday....obviously add in the metric shed load of questions that we were asked and answered as well as the usual load of good humour and the like to get a more complete picture of our Good Friday.

Today we landed roast beef, pie of alowes, caboches, ryse of genoa, applemoyse and tart of all in all another pretty decent day, with good food and great visitors to keep us on our toes. As it happens we also had the boss in to keep an eye on things, not sure what he thought of things, but I'm sure he won't be backward in coming forward and telling us what he thought....possibly more news on this is the future....possibly not.

Tomorrow brings pretty much more of the same and I'll let you all know how it goes as and when I'm able, but for now it's time for a monster sized mug of tea with a ginger biscuit to dunk.


Helen said...

Good to see you all on Sat and glad to now see that Windsor wasn't closed so all your visitors were genuine!!

Very pleased to read your flow of blogs; keep them coming!

Am curious to know how tender the mutton was in the Pies of Alowes.


Tudor Cook said...

sorry, can't help with the mutton question as I exercised the luxury of choice and didn't try any...perhaps Marc or Robert will chime in with an opinion?