Thursday, 15 April 2010

Flickr Flim Flam

hmmm....looks like the Flickr badge on the right may now be working correctly....I'd appreciate you telling me if that's NOT the case for you.

Seems that it was the pictures of the moved tables and Dave warming his feet in the post entitled 'Lightweight' that may have been to blame...looks like Flickr have given them a new URL each, so I've re posted them to the blog again and fingers crossed it should all be back to normal for the time being.



terrylove said...

The flickr doobrey seems to have been working all day so far, so fingers crossed it's fixed.

Anonymous said...

all the pictures are different on my screen,interesting to catch up with the old photos and commentary love no.1 fan

Elise Fleming said...

The pictures are all different but they all are from the Iron Duke event at the Tower of London.

Tudor Cook said...

thanks one and all.

Elise, yes that's just pulls in images from the top of the list, which are the latest uploaded....should change next time I put some pictures up.