Friday, 26 September 2008

Delayed Reaction.....

......or a new opportunity has arisen hence the delay in posting and now this explanation!

So plans for the next weekend of cookery (October 4th and 5th) were progressing nicely, in fact I'd planned a cracking weekend of fun, interest, learning and experimentation......BUT then came the message to effectively shelve all plans and postpone them for a little while!

Why? Well Historic Royal Palaces press and media department is gearing up ready for next years celebratory Henry 500 events by producing new and better resources for journalists and media companies. One specific item being worked on is a DVD of some of the interpretation at Hampton Court so that we can issue our own controlled 'stock footage' for T.V. and so that journalists can see and get a feel for the work 'we' all do without necessarily travelling to Hampton Court itself....I actually think it's a great idea as it will undoubtedly help in cutting down confusion and will be ideal for all of the interviews that are done over the phone as now both parties will have a common resource to talk about.

This next cookery weekend, well the Saturday at least has been set aside for recording the kitchens at work so that there is footage of a full working kitchen as there would be for a special event like Christmas, rather than one of our more 'way out' experimental events. So this next cookery Saturday if you visit you'll be able to see the team construct a 7 dish (probably, but not for certain at the moment) menu which will then be served as a meal and eaten to display table setting and dining manners....just like we would do at Christmas or one of the holiday weekend events. Sunday.....hmmmm I'm not too sure at the moment, but it will probably be talking about using up leftovers, recycling ingredients or something along those lines......I'll have a better idea when I actually think about it rather than just type ideas willy nilly on the keyboard!

Anyhow, that's what has caused the delay in posting stuff as to be honest it rather confused me as to what we were going to do and that's my feeble excuse. A good long chat with Robin and Marc H today has sorted out a lot of plans now all that's left to do is fill in the details and put together the shopping list.

More info' when I know what it is and fingers crossed more pictures and blaah about last month soon.

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