Thursday, 2 October 2008

Write Out A Hundred Times.....

I must not volunteer.......even in jest!!!

So there I was submitting some text on dining for next years interpretation when I foolishly and sarcastically said that in retrospect I would have been better off volunteering to write about day to day meals at Court rather than special occasions. Well faster than you can say 'you've got mail!' up pops a message in my inbox along the lines of 'oh great, thanks for volunteering to do that, can we have it as soon as possible.'

.......and that my friends is what I've been doing instead of posting this week......that and sorting out this weekends cookery plans.
As i mentioned before we shall be recorded for posterity this Saturday so the plans don't really involve anything too taxing, a nice straightforward menu to cook followed by a meal to demonstrate manners for the camera. At least doing it this weekend rather than waiting until Christmas should mean that we have some natural light to work and film by, it also means that we can take time to work with the camera guys to get the shots that are needed as opposed to them just getting one bite of the cherry so to speak as they would at Christmas.

Not sure if there'll be much to report or many pictures but we'll just have to wait and see. If not then there are still plenty left from last month to show you yet......just got to fit those extra days into the week so that I can have the spare time to do it!!



Kiriel du Papillon said...

Now that IS more of a challenge. Feasts, festivals and special occasions are so much more documented than day to day life. I remember researching for someone what was eaten in Europe in the 3rd century, and turning to archeology and the contents of bog-men's stomachs to come up with an answer.

Have fun with that!

PurpleBaroness said...

Will there be a way for regular folk (non-media) to get copies of the video?

Tudor Cook said...

I can fairly safely say that no you won't be able to get a DVD, that is what the new media player on the website will be for....sorry