Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Doctor Doctor, I Feel Like..........

.....showing you some pictures, so there a 9 of this weekends photographs now up at Flickr for you all to see.
There are 3 more that show the progress of the dig in Base Court....the holes are getting bigger and deeper..

base court dig

They've even found some 'features' in the courtyard..

base court feature

....don't ask what it is in the picture as I'm afraid I haven't got a clue!! Perhaps I'll be able to let you all know in the future.
You can also see how the latest 'thing' that Dave has been working on is progressing...

golden tent

It's a wax model of the golden tent from the 'Field of the Cloth of Gold' painting ......it's getting pretty good, but Dave's not got the eyesight that he used to have as a younger man, so the detail work is taking a fair amount of time to put on, still he's in it for the long haul so I'm sure it will all look fantastic when he's finished with it.

As I mentioned before, Pick and Carter had planned to talk about food and medicine and that was indeed what they did all weekend.....once again, who'd have believed that it would have been so popular with the visitors.....

the doctor will see you now!

and who would have believed that so many people would have thought that Pick was a real doctor!?!? At least 3 visitors were convinced that he was a real doctor and kept asking for advice on subjects ranging from a gammy hip to suspected diabetes! Fortunately he was able to correct their assumption and after telling them all about food and medicine in the Tudor period, he happily convinced them all to seek genuine medical advice.......as well as indicating what they may have been prescribed in the Tudor period.

What else did we do? Well quite a bit actually......new untried recipes, cross cultural comparisons and some work with real cooks!! Sounds interesting doesn't it....but for all the details you'll just have to wait until later in the week!


Elise Fleming said...

Two questions: When is the dig in the court expected to be completed? And, what is the "gold" used on the wax tent? A gold paint? Surely not gold leaf...

Tudor Cook said...

The actual digging I'm not sure, but the whole shebang i.e. dig finished, courtyard paved and re-presented should all be done (as will the rest of the re presentation of the Tudor route) in time for Easter 2009.

As for the gold...it is indeed gold leaf!