Saturday, 5 July 2008

Ooo Look It's David Bailey!

At last I've broken the run of weekends with no pictures.....just over 300 taken today alone! Admittedly there are a lot of repeats and duffers in there, but you'll all have plenty to look at as soon as I can sort them all out.

It was an odd day today, what started off before opening as a truly lousy day turned out to be one of the best we've had for a long time.
Barry and Barry.....along with Edmund our sometime standby man...were talking about weights and measures as well as maths with a counting board....what a success. We've had surveyors and maths teachers all day treating their visit like a bus mans holiday, as well as kids learning to do addition, subtraction, multiplication and division all with the counting tables....all with glee......and on the weekend.....without any coercion needed!!

Robert spent the day recording temperatures and the like for a piece of beef that was roasted.......this time he reckons we have 7 hours of data to work with....hooray.

The middle kitchen had Marc H working on the malmenye furne recipe again, which he thinks he's cracked (more about that in another post).....whilst Robin spent the day 'teaching' Jorge to cook. They worked through tartus of ffless and capon stwed to great success.......all of which you will hopefully see and appreciate when I post the pictures early next week. Until then here's this one of Robin explaining how he wants the meat cut up to a very attentive Jorge.

Robin's now cutting out the cloth for a new set of hose now, so I'm off to watch and help.....for a price of course!


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Helen said...

What, no posts all week?

I just made Capons Stwed (which I DIDN'T see you do last Sat - but thank you for the run thru on Sun on what you did).

Got my wok out - it's rack didn't work, as it rested on the edge, and then the chick wouldn't fit. So... I used the small rack I cool my bread on. It rested a few inches above the bottom and was perfect size for the chick.

Could only use about 1/2 btl wine though, to ensure chicken was sufficiently above the liquid.

The most fiddly bit was sealing the lid with the dough. Brought it to the boil, then reduced to lowest gas poss. Had great fun a little later "mending" a couple of small breaks in the seal!

1 1/4 hrs not sufficient; will do 1 1/2 next time.

Once I made the sauce though, I sliced the chicken and cooked it thoroughly through in said sauce.

It was really rather delicious; and we have some more of the same for dinner tomorrow night!

I did try a little before I put it into the sauce - the wine had certainly well permeated the chicken and had given it a very pleasant flavour.

Oh, and I forgot to take any photos. Mike reminded me of that as I was stuffing my face!! Next time! (And not just the finished article; I shall photo the various stages).