Tuesday, 1 July 2008

5 Go Mad In Lincolnshire

Hmm, not quite the smooth day we were anticipating I must admit.
First off, the site we were supposed to be visiting today contacted the education officer on Friday to politely point out that they were shut on Mondays! So a swift change of plans and we were off to Burghley house, home in the sixteenth century to the Cecil family......or not as it turned out!?!

The car hire company that was supposed to be delivering a vehicle to the Palace for us turned out not to be doing that.....'before 1.00 p.m. No, you must be mistaken.'!?!?!? So a swift phone round to local rental dealers and a Volkswagen Passat was obtained....if only Robin and I could find where abouts in Kingston the company was...so after 4 or 5 trips around the one way system I threw him out at the rental company and drove back to the the office to await his return and the journey North!

Not a bad trip it turned out and a pretty successful afternoon looking around the site and working out how we would do education sessions there... All in all a really good learning experience that was fully discussed over a nice cup of tea.....then a pint and dinner in Lincoln.

Tomorrow we are off to a coupple more sites....Gainsborough Old Hall and the Collection at Lincoln museum before we travel back. Becky, the education officer has a full day of work planed for us so it's off to bed now to get ready for the full day that awaits us...

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