Friday, 2 November 2007

Ready To Go

The stuffs out of the freezer defrosting and we're all ready for the weekend now.....just got the work to do now really!
We spent a good afternoon today discussing what we're going to cook on Saturday and Sunday, so I think that the weekend should go well....a final last minute email from CCC (conservation and collection care.....the people at the Palace who look after the artefacts and objects in the place) expressing their concerns about the food for this fundraising meal mean that we can also spend this weekend looking at their thoughts and trying to address those as well

All in all, I'm quite looking forward to this weekends cooking, hopefully you are too and I'd like to think that we'll get to see some of you in person......if you do come through say hello, we don't bite.........much! One word of warning though, if you drive through Oxshott and need to fill up with petrol watch out.....£1.03 a litre!!!!!! (for our US readers that's about $8 a gallon!?!), that really hurt driving home today, still I suppose it'll teach me to have filled up before I was in dire need of petrol eh?

Hopefully words and possibly pictures posted over the weekend......and who knows, maybe something from Robert as well?

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