Sunday, 11 November 2007

Monkey Business!

OK I'm sorry, I should have posted earlier but what can I say....I'm a man and we get easily distracted, especially by shiny things!!

So how did the weekend go then? Pretty damn good I think. The food all came good not that I ever expected it not to, but we did manage to fit in some useful 'fiddling' and experimenting towards this proposed meal I mentioned before. We tried different sizes for the lumps of meat in stews, different portion sizes for roasted meats and Robin played around trying to make individual sized pies and custard tarts....all with some success.......of course when we get together with the pro' half of the team for this meal things are bound to change as they have so much more experience of this sort of stuff, but at least we can feel that we've had some thoughts and input on the subject.

I'm fairly happy with the menu that's appearing so far, still the final course to sort out and a little jigging to get finished this weekend, but all in all I'm fairly happy and more importantly happy that this menu will provide a good meal for the prospective diners.

I've put a load of pictures (15 I think) up on Flickr, some of which will give you the vaguest idea of what we were doing; I've also got all of Roberts to sort through and upload, possibly tomorrow or Monday and they should help to fill in the blanks (and remind me what else we did so that I can tell you all) as well as show off his superior photographic skills.

I'm honour bound to point out this picture to you all:

For the simple reason that as soon as I took it and said the innocent words "I know where that's going to go" Jorge started to call me rude names......and I'd hate to disappoint him!

I've also added another video again:

nothing special, just Robin chopping an onion finely but I haven't posted a video for a while (or indeed taken any for a few months) so I though a change was as good as a rest.

Whats coming up soon? Adult education courses, the December cookery and of course Christmas at Hampton Court so plenty to be going on I going to tell you about it now?.......what and have nothing to talk about for next week!?


Helen said...

Very elegant Jorge. Guess you were just being yourself?


gorge said...

yes, I normally look like that but the wonders of modern surgery mean I can look almost human. The cold or damp must have made my face revert.