Tuesday, 13 November 2007

More Pictures....

....just sent to Flickr for your edification, all taken by Robert and including one of my favourites of recent times....just because of the viewpoint that it was taken from:

I've still got a few of Roberts pictures in reserve for later in the week as well, so check back later on to see what else he took images of.

Not a lot else to say at the moment as I really should be getting on with putting the finishing touches on this Saturdays adult education day that we are running at Hampton Court. A whole day finding out what it is we do and how we go about it.....in essence lots of waffling from me, some pretty pictures, a tour through the kitchens talking about the pros and cons of interpreting them, handling some original artefacts and seeing how we go about copying them or having copies made, a brief look at clothing and possibly some of the cock ups we've made over the years (yes we are only human after all!).....all interspersed with coffee and questions as well as, possibly, some secrets and surprises!

If you're one of the people on the course then do say hello....no Mum, that doesn't include you!!....and if you aren't lucky enough to be coming along, then I'll do my best to tell you all about it next week.

If you're at all interested in any of the possibilities of adult learning, including evening talks and day courses (not just about food I might add!) then have a look at the HRP website and click on the 'Learning and Discovery' right at the top of the page.....maybe we'll see you there?

Right then, I'm off back to finishing my talks......


Anonymous said...

aren't mums allowed to say hello.This is a note for all those people unlucky enough to have missed the day course at the palace.We had a superb time,(okay I admit I'm biased.)Richard and Mark were very knowledgable about their subject, making sure we were kept well entertained with a lot of laughs thrown in and everybody enjoyed their day.If anyone reading this gets a chance to visit the palace,either to see a cookery demonstration,or to attend one of the courses,then I can thoroughly recommend it.Mo

Helen said...

What no post? For ages now!

All of us out here are looking forward to hearing the nitty gritty about the course.

I'm surprised your mum hasn't been on your case for lack of info!!!!


ps: don't blame her for being biased; we are as well