Saturday, 31 March 2007

2 For The Price Of 1

Back from a trip away and raring to go when the Easter event starts next week.

First of all an apology re my post on 11th February! In this I mentioned the very pleasant evening we had with our friends- food, drink etc. etc. but neglected to post any real information about our order to redress that, here is a link to their website The Guild of St George

Secondly, the menus for Easter. Hopefully I've cracked it and they appear here (if somewhat larger than the column can cope with), enjoy

Think of that as a sneak preview as I'm pretty sure that apart from our Clerk, Robert, none of the rest of the team will be looking at this- boy are they going to get a shock next Thursday...tee hee hee!?!


Helen said...

Menus there loud and clear. It's good to see all that you're planning on doing, and also seeing them all in advance can plan which days to visit!!

Quite a few I've had a go at but loads to still try. After I read thru, had to go make some Froytes de Almonds - really scrummy. None left!

We all waiting patiently for you to enlighten us!


no.1 fan said...

still can't imagine what oyle soppys can be,can you enlighten me? I'd love to give them a try

Tudor Cook said...

¶Oyle Soppys.
¶Take a gode quantyte of Oynonys, an mynse hem not to smale, an sethe in fayre Water: þan take hem vp, an take a gode quantite of Stale Ale, as .iij. galouns, an þer-to take a pynte of Oyle fryid, an caste þe Oynonys þer-to, an let boyle alle to-gederys a gode whyle; then caste þer-to Safroune, powder Pepyr, Sugre, an Salt, an serue forth alle hote as tostes, as in þe same maner for a Mawlard & of a capon, & hoc quœre.