Saturday, 9 January 2010


....was the simple message I got from Robert after telling you all that I didn't take any pictures of the change that we made to the table layout......cheeky so & so!

Anyway, attached to the message, short and sweet though it was were these two images. The first shows how we moved the tables forward at one end creating a sloping arrangement to try to keep the visitors away from all the ash that the charcoal was making.....which seemed to do the trick

moved tables

The second shows Dave trying to get some feeling back into his toes during a quick tea break....thank heavens for central heating eh?

Dave risks chilblains

As for this last one, this is one I took.....shows you what happens when you take 2 tired interpreters, then add a long cold day, a bottle of booze and a box of chocolates with clear wrappers....

Oh dear God!! me, there is no "why" to this picture, just don't ask OK!!


Gorger said...

What is really odd, is that no one in the team really takes much notice of this apparently bizarre behaviour, quite low key some might even say.

Mark does look rather dashing in his cheap, off the sweetie red wrap rounds, Jorge simply stuck his to his forehead

Elise Fleming said...

Have pity on those of us "suffering" under cloudy, cold, damp weather. Regale us with an additional blog in the doldrums of February! We need something to look forward to - a cookery challenge, a tale or three, an update on the kitchens, a new video or photos. We who are unable to travel to you await your rays of sunshine!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm a challenge eh Elise? Well you know that discussion you and I were having about honey. If I can get my finger out and Tudorcook approves the idea I may have something for you, and as many others who want to play, to do.

Marc H