Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Another One Bites The Dust.

Well, in case you hadn't guessed by now, that's another Christmas event done and dusted.....and to be honest there's a big part of me that says 'thank God that's over!'

Why? Simply because it was too long at too low temperatures....yes we can take breaks, yes we keep warm by drinking tea in our office at regular intervals, but after a while it really drags working in temperatures in single figures.....having to warm up after processing the cold meat, having to warm up after rubbing butter in, having to warm up.....well you get the idea. On top of that, the cold seeps into you and I swear that it slows the brain down, thinking gets harder and answering the demanding level of questions that we are now accustomed to can really push your faculties to the limit....or was it just slow old me?

On reflection we should have changed the format of the days, not eaten a meal sitting in the cold but changed the display into something else, but that's always the thing with hindsight....20/20 eh! Still, all our visitors seemed to go away happy and apart from a few tetchy spats after hours, I think we got away with it fairly apologies to the team for my short temper towards the end of the week....I'd simply had enough and struggled to get to the last day....sorry.

I never did get to take the picture of the revised layout for you....sorry, in fact I hardly took any, still got to take the few I did take off of the camera, if there are any worth showing you all I will, but don't hold your breath folks.

I believe Robert has been asking Marc H and Robin for some stuff for his next posting and he has been working feverishly on comparing recipes from different books and manuscripts so I expect to see something from him soon.

I'm still waiting for details of the coming years events so nothing to tell about the future yet, as soon as I know I'll pop some dates and details up for all to see.



Elise Fleming said...

Too bad you don't have the Tudor advantage of roaring fires in multiple fireplaces! The cold in the stone goes through shoe leather as if it weren't there. I recall not being able to warm up for more than 12 hours after sitting on the bricks by the charcoal stoves, taking notes as you all prepared food. I was still shivering under all the covers the next morning. And this was in March, not December.

medievalpaint said...

Even our double soled shoes only hold back some of the cold.

If you move around a lot it helps, but in many cases it is mostly our hands and mouths that move and when we try to move we realise our legs are somewhat numb.

Anonymous said...

You need to make some pattens to raise you up off that freezing cold flagstone floor!