Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Writers Block!!

Yes ti's I the Prince of Procrastination.....finally getting my finger out and posting something in this new year!

So why no report about the Christmas cookery? Quite simply, there was absolutely nothing to say....people came, we cooked, they watched and asked questions, we answered and ate repeat 6 times and Bob's your uncle, that was the Christmas cookery!
Oh, it was cold.....really cold, in fact I don't think that the temperature in the Kitchens made it past 1 degree Centigrade all week, so the guys did sterling work considering the circumstances....just not very noteworthy work is all.

After Christmas some personal health issues got in the way, but that seems to be improving now (don't ask, it's really not worth it...although photographs could prove amusing!) then a degree of ambiguity about the forthcoming year raised it's ugly head, but we are all sorted now...dates and budgets are fixed so 2009 is now all systems go.


HollyLynne said...

Live cookery on March 7th and 8th! I will be there, staying at the Fish Court apartment during that time. I look forward to checking out the kitchens! :)

Tudor Cook said...

Hopefully you won't be dissapointed

Argwyth said...

Welcome Back, and Happy New Year to you, and to all at the Tudor Kitchens! Thank you so much for the updates...they - and you have been missed. Looking forward to seeing how things go this year, tho' I won't be able to attend any of the presentations. The Rick Wakeman concert would have been wonderful to see, and with you there as well, but ah well, it was not to please keep us posted. Many thanks for all you do.
All the Best,