Monday, 9 February 2009

Snow Joke

As I sit here listening to the rain lashing against the window it's hard to imagine how much snow we had this time last week......schools closed, businesses shut & cars abandoned as Britain woke to the biggest snowfall for over a decade.

Some people made it in to work though and Robin, Robert and Marc H bravely struggled through the snow and slush in case the education sessions they were running weren't it happened Hampton Court like so many other businesses remained closed for the day, so as well as drinking much tea all they had to do was take some pictures before going home. I've just posted 13 of Roberts up on the Flickr site, if Robin furnishes me with his I may well do the same with those.

blizzard conditions

The snow seems to have added a certain something to these familiar settings....I just can't put my finger on what it is though!

Master Carpenters court

East Front gardens

There's 10 more images like these over at Flickr......don't forget you can always click on the 'all sizes' icon above the images to see them a little larger.

Off to finish sorting out pictures from this weekend now....more later.



Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful photos of Hampton Court in the snow. The kitchen window of the Fish Court flat looks out onto Master Carpenter Court and we'd sure love to see it someday with the snow. Alas, I'm sure all will have melted when we arrive in a few weeks time. Looking forward to seeing the cookery presentation the weekend of March 6-7.

Nancy said...

Lovely photos. I shamelessly stole one and put it on my blog ("Best of Luck etc") where I am slowly compiling a Tudor Year calendar. Of course, I have linked to Cooking the Books and said so.

However, if you wish me to take it down, I will. No need for any sharpening of cleavers or anything.