Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Normal Service Is Resumed!!!!

Well Hoo Bloody Ray!! What a week that was.
What was the 'technical problem'?....suffice to say that a small problem that could have been easily resolved if certain PC manufacturers sold their machines with all the software disks instead of 'recovery partitions' ended up with the tech support departments 'solution' hosing my machine and deleting all my data......pictures.....email archive......everything in fact. So I've spent the week recovering everything and re-installing stuff.....there lies the case for the defence m'lud.

So what kitchen stuff has happened since the last post? Octobers cookery went well, in fact it well enough that there wasn't anything worthy of posting on the Saturday night....so Robin and I went to the pub instead!
I've stuck the paltry number of pictures that I took over the weekend on Flickr for you to see (If you want)....I'm hoping to get hold of Roberts cookery pictures later this week so you'll see them as and when I do.......I believe that he took loads as his new toy is a digital SLR camera......"It's like free film" he keeps saying, although to be more correct it's actually like "free processing" as it's enabling him to experiment with shots that would have proved a nightmare to get with film, especially night time stuff and now both he and I are coming up with lots of ideas for outlandish night time shots of/around the palace, so stay tuned to see if we have any success. I'm also fairly certain that seeing Roberts pictures will jog my failing memory of what we did over the last weekends cooking.

In the meantime, I've put up some of the macro shots he's been playing with this week like this one of some nutmeg

and this one of garlic

Pop over to the Flickr page to see the rest.....and any of the others that you may have missed, the link is in the right hand column.

This week I intend to plan the November weekends menu with Robin, so as soon as I know what we end up planning to do I'll let you all know. We're also progressing with plans for cookery next year and the celebratory year 2009 (500th anniversary of Henry VIII's coronation in case you didn't know).....as well as working out what's going to happen on the forthcoming adult education days and evenings.

Final thing for now is to say thank you to all of you who clicked on the poll I had running. I've now got a better idea of how you all found this den of iniquity and, more importantly your answers combined with some of the other statistics I have at my disposal mean I now have an idea of where I can target to 'spread the word' about these ramblings.........if I can be bothered ;-)

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