Saturday, 27 October 2007

Art For Arts Sake

Not much to say at the list is in but I've got to wait for an answer from work before I can tell you exactly what we're going to cook.....nothing hush hush, just need an answer to check something out is all!!

So to give you all something to see I've put some of Roberts pictures up onto the Flickr site. I've chosen to put up some of the experiments he was doing at night like these:

Pop over to Flickr to see the rest and to look at these a little bigger (click on the 'all sizes' at the top of the picture to see the image a little larger when you're there)

I've got all of his pictures from the October cookery weekend as well, but I'll wait 'til next week to show you some of those.......enjoy

1 comment:

Helen said...

Robert - your nightime shots are brilliant!

Now that you have a digital camera, they'll be no stopping you!

See you at the weekend.