Monday, 11 July 2011

Ah Ha!

turns out that if you knuckle down and actually write something, rather than rely on random waffle and some pretty pictures, then making something coherent that fits inside 15 minutes is possible....just in my case, but that's only because I gave such a scatter gun title and abstract for the proposal that covering everything I mentioned in those in 15 minutes would task the best of us.

Still, as i just put on Twitter, after the 5th complete re-write of the day it finally makes sense, fits inside 15 minutes and covers most of the topic title...result!! Now just have to present it.

Wish me luck!



terrylove said...

Probably late for "Good Luck", so, "How did it go?"

Anonymous said...

lunchtime Tuesday,and wondering how the talk is going?good luck,and "knock 'em dead"
number 1 fan