Friday, 4 March 2011

House Rules

Ok, so I suppose this is a post with a little explanation in it, something to let you know why there has been a vacuum of silence of late I guess.

When I started all of this blogging a couple of years ago, I set myself some house rules that I would always aim to follow. In the main, they are of no great concern to all of you out there, they set out how I was going to layout each post and things like that. They also detailed what I would and most importantly would NOT post about.
Like a lot of people, I was always told that if you can't say something nice about someone, then don't say anything. My self set policy is to not report negatives or disagreements either within the team or within the organisation...that sort of thing is, frankly, nobody else's business and let's face it, that's not really what people want to hear...well not in our situation I'm guessing.

Over the last year or so though, there have been a much larger number of disagreements and problems that have either lead to bad feelings or operational problems within the setup that we operate in. What they are is immaterial, they are the sort of problems that any team that works so closely together experiences, they do however affect the way that I personally feel and mean that more often than not there has been "nothing to say" to you all....both figuratively and in reality. Painful as it is to say, the last thing I feel like doing a lot of the time is being positive and trying to find something worth writing as a blog post!

Now, I suppose the $64,000 question is, will the situation change in the future?

To be honest, who knows? The ideas that are being thrown around for the new financial year are pretty good and should make for an interesting year if they get yes, I expect to carry on boring you for some time to come, just how regularly I can't say. Will it get back to the way it used to be, lots of pictures of recipes and lots of cooking stuff...that I'm not so sure of..the pictures, probably not in the way that we used to, the recipe stuff, possibly but more likely if I can coerce others to do some writing for you as well.

So that's the situation as it is right now, hopefully this makes some sense of the vast periods of nothing from me, perhaps not. Please don't bother asking what the problems are as I won't be saying....either you know already or you won't, so don't waste time asking as a lack of reply may offend ;o)



Maria said...

Well, anyway here in Russia we enjoy reading your blog & hope you'll go on publishing your recipe stuff, problems or not))) Yes, we are selfish, but we get much inspiration from your photos & videos & explanations for our living history projects, so, please continue even if you are nearly dead ;)))

Tudor Cook said...

thanks...I think ;o)

Anonymous said...

Well said Maria,we are really missing all the Hampton Court news.Hopefully,this coming weekend will inspire you back into print,for those of us who are unable to attend in person.