Sunday, 5 December 2010

Lock In!

Phew, another good day at the coal face, if somewhat cold...especially after the sun vanished at about 1.00 when the temperature inside dropped like a stone. Still, all warmed up now, thanks to a gift of a bottle of Woods 100 rum and a marathon Clint Eastwood DVD session....there's been a rather large function at the Palace tonight and the options were stay in all night or go out and stay out until midnight, so we plumped for the former and a pleasant evening it was too.

But what about the day? Well, Terry has it fairly well covered over at the forum (in the Cookery at HCP board)...much better than I can deal with using the tiny keys on the phone here. No we didn't do a vast amount, but we did more than enough to please the visiting brave souls that we had and keep ourselves busy, as well as some testing for Christmas and leaving enough spare time to warm up now and again.
Those that couldn't make it in to work due to the poor weather were missed, but rather they were missed than take risks with travel given the state of some parts of the country.

If you've read the forum post about the day, the eagle eyed will have noticed mention of a deer...more on that when I've got a proper keyboard....but it certainly proved fascinating for the visitors.
Tomorrow, much more roasting as a precursor/test for Christmas...2 chickens, a mutton leg and a beef rib joint, all to be ready at the same time more or less. A few bonus sausages to use up to clear space in the freezer....and give us a warming snack (not sure what flavour they are, but I'm sure that Mr P will have made them nice when he made them.....whenever that was!) we've storage space for Xmas, possible coleys for me to try aalong with some more deer butchery for Robin to finish up.

More news and details after the weekend. Keep warm!



terrylove said...

Shame about the sausages. But the 3 different things on one spit went really well, and it was only the chickens that needed that extra 15 minutes to brown that needed the extra 15 minutes that stopped it all being ready spot on 3pm. A touch hotter fire or starting the chickens 15 minutes sooner will sort that at the Xmas thing.

terrylove said...

Why do I always spot my typos and half-changes of phrasing AFTER the messages are posted?

Oh well, I see the 3 videos with Robin giving a quick guide to some updated Tudor recipes are now up at

The lads a "star".