Tuesday, 10 March 2009

I've Gone all Floppy!!

Well I've finally knuckled!........my cookery book, 'A Noble Boke of Cokery' is now available as a paperback from Lulu.

For the price of £10.78 you get the same contents as with the hardback edition, which is still available, but with a flexible cover and, for Britain at least, a much more sensible postage rate!

I hadn't realised how astronomically stupid the shipping rate had been changed to of late (that'll teach me to subscribe to newsletters in future!), for GB addresses it was half the cost of the book.....madness!!
The hardbacks are only printed in the US (I've been told that shipping to US addresses is not as criminally expensive, but I can't vouch for that I'm afraid) whereas paperbacks can be printed in the UK which substantially reduces the shipping costs, it's still more than I'd like (around £4.50), but I believe that this is where Lulu makes some of it's profit, so I can't begrudge them too much I suppose.

There's more information about the books on the information site along with a link to the Lulu shop.
Hope you enjoy.


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TheAnneBoleynFiles said...

I'll have to find out more about your cookbook, sounds fascinating. How did the Easter weekend go at Hampton Court Palace?

I'll add you to my Anne Boleyn wiki site http://theanneboleynfiles.wetpaint.com/ as a recommended blog.