Saturday, 2 August 2008

Episode 6: The Germans...

I wasn't looking forward to today....another film crew in with us....from Germany again (they seem to be like busses, nothing for ages then an article in Die Ziet and they're swarming like mix my metaphores!)
The signs weren't good.....messages on the phone that if they were written would probably look like....'hellothisisUlitheGermantelevisioniamlookingforwardtoseeingyouthisweekendandneedtotalk'
well you get the idea, so amidst much Fawlty Towers style humor we awaited the onslaught and tried to work out how we would get through the day. The last film crew were a little 'full on' and we were braced for the worst.

Imagine though the best crew in the world....ever! Keen to listen, learn and not get in the way.

filming in the kitchen

It was a refreshing change to watch an interviewer talk to one of the guys, genuinely listen to the answer then use that information to pose questions to the public watching us in the apologies for ever doubting them and come back soon guys, you were a pleasure to work with.

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Gorge said...

I can only echo Tudor Cook, the crew were true professionals, they did not try to get us to perform like monkeys, ie just because we are in Tudor clothing does not mean we have stepped out of a cheap hollywood history flick.

The questions were of genuine interest and the crew sympathetic and sensitive to our working environment.