Sunday, 6 February 2011

February Foibles.

New phone, worse signal! Oh how technology is a fickle mistress...still if you're reading this at least the tech' held up for long enough for the mail to send and at the moment that's pretty good!

Not much to report for you I suppose, we did a little cooking and an awful lot of talking, which seems to now be the norm....not that's any reason too complain as we had some great people round today, asking lots of taxing well as a number off different press people from both the UK and Germany. It appears that there's more of the same tomorrow.... .so another fairly "safe" day of cooking with plenty of chat and banter if it all works out. No pictures other than any Terry managed to post earlier I'm afraid, but a better description for you when a proper keyboard presents itself after tomorrow.

As promised the other day, then plan is still to process the last video from Xmas for you sometime early next week, so fingers crossed I can sort that out....but for now it's time for some sleep.


Thursday, 3 February 2011

What Occurs When....

....people put a little thought into things!!

Now as I mentioned and posted before, I made a number of time lapse recordings of the meal time at Christmas so that we could get some idea of how the set up really makes it so much easier to notice how the crowd moves about and so on. The trouble is, certain people got to thinking about how best they could "play" with the recording and after an abortive, but interesting first attempt (which isn't worth showing), Robert came up with this

Click the image to visit the Gallery and see the fairly short video.
Now obviously, this had potential and was bound to go further....which it did. I'll post the results after the weekend when I've finished editing's taking a while because the camera failed midway through the recording, fortunately it saved what it had shot to the memory card (which is a first, normally it wouldn't have!) but unfortunately there is some data corruption which I'm trying to clean up.

Now I suppose it's time to get ready for the weekend of cooking which is now upon us.