Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Google +

Right, the time has come to admit to myself....and you all, that it's highly unlikely I'll post much here again!

Not only have I lost the motivation to do so, the format and methodology of posting here is no longer suited to the way that I've come to update the world about the work in the kitchens at Hampton Court. The majority of what "I'm" doing is covered by confidentiality at this time, so I can't blog about it and it's quite clear that nobody else is likely to post anything either that would cover the sort of stuff I used to write about.

Short is indeed sweet and Twitter suits much better for now. Along with that there's also the forum and for some things I'm also trying out Google+  as a way of posting's easier to use than the Blogger site and as it's a "new toy" it may well keep me motivated for a little longer. Those of you with a Blogger account that folllow should find that your Blogger credentials are good for starting a G+ account should you wish to, you don't need one to read the drivel I write, but you would if you wanted to "follow" the page or comment on anything I write.

I'm not going to say that this is the end of the blog...never say never and all that...just the start of a hiatus, and unlike previous ones, a hiatus of my choosing not out of sheer laziness!!

Thanks all for following and commenting, please do watch the Google+  for news and updates as well as the Twitter feed and the Forum...and who knows, something may well present that's better posted here than until then it really is Ta Ta For Now....from here at least.

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Alexandra Pechabadens said...

Typical, just when I came to visit the blog for once. No new blog.